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Notes from the President

Under the leadership of former presidents Dr. Lee and Dr. Yung, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) has been stably and firmly moving towards the realization of its four goals: Humanity, Professionalism, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization. Thus far, NKUHT’s success has been pervasively acknowledged. In 2016, it was rated by Cheers magazine as the ninth most successful university among the 20 outperforming higher education institutions in Taiwan; furthermore, employers in the industry commonly consider NKUHT the best university among all hospitality, leisure and services-driven universities. In light of such accomplishment, the most pressing responsibility of mine would undoubtedly be the continuation of our endeavors and the upholding of our educational principles to fulfill the expectations people have for this office.

For your trust and confidence in me, I was elected the third president of NKUHT. In my role as the president, I shall strive to effectively turn vision into reality so that a better environment could be created for our students, faculty members and staff. With ambition and courage, I will also embrace new mindsets, technologies and methodologies to lay foundation for NKUHT’s transformation in the next decades. A daunting mission has been bestowed on me, and I will employ every power I possess, while always being mindful and vigilant of every step I take, to accomplish the five goals I have in mind for NKUHT: “Friendly Campus and Diverse Development,” “Industrial Leadership and Community-mindedness,” “Talent Incubation and Career Assistance,” “Faculty Training and Education Revitalization,” “Global Vision and Sustainable Development.” It is my belief that the accomplishment of these goals could made NKUTH an exemplar of hospitality education in the Chinese speaking world.
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