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◎ An educational philosophy- entrepreneurship, professionalism and internationalization.

Our university is the first one to create a hospitality and tourism department in the whole country. To match the rapid changes in politics, economy and society and the sci-tech environment together with the rigid challenges in internationalization, our university breaks the campus management way of thinking that are custom in tradition, and strives for the commitment of a middle and long term development plan, executes the core values of “professionalism, entrepreneurship, humanity and internationalization”, creates excellent competitive force as well as achieving the goal of a sustainable operation.


Multi-group and mutual commitment is the motivation behind the drive for success at our university. In essence, commitment is an integral comprising vision and enforcement force; to transform commitment is the determination embracing reform. Through the use of strategy, participation, responsibility and persistence, it will realize the excellent pursuit of “change carries development and permanence follows development”.

If taking a general view to the development niche, we are always taking initiatives in order to construct core values of “professionalism, entrepreneurship, humanity and internationalization” . Now the following picture will show the interaction between various factors in exterior environment and inner structures that are entailed into these core values of middle and long term plan development.


Politics communication and interaction economy active concern   tourism flow information flow message disclosure   society science and technology (圖片).



During the construction of the core values of “professionalism, entrepreneurship and internationalization”, through the provision of information quality and high-touch service, the core values of vision and development of our university are connected together in order to create and execute a strategy plan.
The strategies of development and vision planned in our university are planned and executed in a stepwise, coherent manner, and further it realizes the goal of a sustainable operation. At present, it proposes the strategies of middle and long term plans in our university as follows:

◎Plan1:Orientation and development of hospitality and tourism education

(1) Re-plan the education goals that are conforming to a development trend in the domestic environment and linking on a global scale

(2) Locate our university as a professional school for hospitality and tourism education, match with the orientation of tourism policies as stipulated by the government and develop the excellent features of our university

◎ Plan 2:Strengthen the faculty group in hospitality and tourism education and promote professional development for teaching staff

(1)Offer employment renewal to full-time teachers who are experienced in the hospitality and tourism field and have practical background as the principal, and take the part-time teachers who have practice and professional background in the hospitality and tourism field (including technology teacher) as supplementary.

(2)Set up mechanisms related to teacher research, continuing education and promotion, increase professional development for teaching staff.

◎ Plan 3:Integrate resources and develop special features of our school

(1) Formulate key goals in a stepwise manner, concentrate resources and strengthen teachers and teaching quality. Each department and institute should plan integral courses and programs that demonstrate developmental features in the hospitality and tourism field that are globally competitive in systematic way.      

(2) Combine entrepreneurship with school resources, create enterprise operation mechanisms to take the execution of practice courses of hospitality and tourism as the guide direction. 

(3) Integrate information science and technology into the teaching of each department, speed up the development of electronic teaching material, use long-distance teaching established network, connect to the country and other countries, develop special features of our university and cultivate competitive force.

◎ Plan 4: establish hospitality and tourism learning and production cooperation, production and learning union strategy


(1)In connection with the new orientation of hospitality and tourism education of our school, 结combine and cultivate talents of those who are adaptive to or able to lead the future society and meet the demands of social and economic structures.

(2)Set up learning and production cooperation mechanisms, plan an incentive scheme for teachers to participate in learning and production cooperation, actively create the opportunity of learning and production cooperation, increase the quality in the hospitality and tourism industry, cultivate the ability of creativity and application technology for teachers and students 

(3)Formulate the mechanism of production and learning union, including course design, teacher cooperation, career training, execution and strategy of the school-enterprise cooperation. 

(4)Plan to use educational resources for hospitality learning and production cooperation, conduct pre-service training, in-service education, promotional training, acquisition of degree of credit, etc.

(5)Found learning and production cooperation center, conduct research and development in the hospitality and tourism industry, technology cooperation, technology transfer cooperation.

◎Plan 5:Set up hospitality consultation research center

) Set up nationwide information of the hospitality and tourism industry
(2) Set up nationwide information of academic resources
(3) Establish hospitality consultation network connected to foreign countries.

◎Plan 6:Strengthen international cooperation and implement internalization of our school 


(1) Make teachers and students in all the school understand and agree regarding the internalization, build bilingual learning environment on campus (including English webpage), establish foreign language learning resource center, combine courses and teaching to stipulate the foreign proficiency index for students so as to cultivate an international view and language ability of teachers and students.

(2) Introduce international uniform accreditation system, integrate the hospitality and tourism certification system into professional course and teaching, make the license acquisition globally competitive, and increase the competitive force of students and teachers.

(3) Establish international development center, and conduct educational international cooperation in hospitality and tourism (strategy union and dual program), information propaganda, communication among professional talents. 

◎ Plan 7:Promote the reform into hospitality and tourism university



(1) Improve faculty structure

(2) Plan course program

(3) Prepare for establishing domestic science and technology institute and executing the cookery program.


5. Conclusions

Holistically, the core values in the middle and long term development plans are deeply rooted in the philosophy of “concerning students at any time and designing for education anywhere”, by using the core values of professionalism, entrepreneurship and internalization, combine active concerns, message disclosure and communication interaction in order to construct an excellent educational environment for students. Transform commitment is used to achieve the pusuit of” embrace reform and create new situations” for our university.