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Mission and Vision of NKUHT

I. Amiable campus
  1. Listen to the needs of students and the faculty to create a campus which best suits their well beings in all aspects.
  2. Check and improve facilities to establish a comfortable environment for learning and living. 
II. Empowerment
  1. Create and honor the value of life through liberal arts education that helps students succeed in all areas.
  2. Attract international students to cultivate academic exchanges and reinforce industry-academia collaboration.
  3. Emphasize practical needs from the industry with a focus on students' third language acquisition.
  4. Introduce the concept of flipped classroom and MOOCs to revitalize existing curriculum.
  5. Apply multiple promotion criteria to encourage professional development among instructors.
  6. Encourage instructors’ active involvements in the industry to foster greater industry-academia tie-ups.
III. Inventive research and development
  1. Integrate and devote resources into academic and industry innovation and R&D.
  2. Tap into the alumni network to encourage the industry’ further involvement in talent cultivation.
  3. Modularize hospitality and tourism knowledge to provide professional guidance in industry development.
  4. Share resources between industry and academia to strength NKUHT’s professional image on innovativeness and innovation.
IV. Resource integration
  1. Ensure tasks assigned to teachers are all in line with their specialties and personal interests.
  2. Redesign spare spaces on campus and review administrative system to improve the quality of education.
  3. Develop solid financial plans for a sustainable future of NKUHT.
V. Social responsibility
  1. Fulfill our responsibility as a member of the global village and pursue perpetual development of NKUHT.
  2. Provide green education in accordance with the changing environment and promote green hospitality, tourism and culinary education.
  3. Fulfill social responsibilities and proactively consult and help traditional industries. 
VI. Sustainable management
  1. Integrate resources from alumni to nurture entrepreneurship and assist in business operation.
  2. Develop NKUHT’s leading position in training teachers of hospitality and tourism education at the secondary level.
  3. Shoulder the responsibility of educating the industry and promoting social conscience.
  4. Apply for international certification and accreditation to ensure the quality and accountability of education.